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One’s origins are as incidental as the change in weather. But for a costume designer like Dawn Ritz, whose life is defined by rich color, lines, and spatial boundaries her origins mean everything. After all, she was born near the sea in Puerto Rico and raised in the south Texas coastal town of Corpus Christi.

Both have informed Dawn’s understanding of limitlessness and visual boundaries, as well as her creative attack ever since she arrived in Hollywood at 18 to attend hair and make-up and design school. And, she has amassed numerous TV and indie film credits and working closely with various personalities like Ariana Grande, actress Linda Cardellini, snd Craig Robinson. Whether it’s building a pageant-dress modeled after her beloved Texas’ state flag for young actress Ursula Parker or outfitting Marilyn Manson in draconian para-military garb for his Twins of Evil tour, Dawn hits the look on target in modern, rock n roll, period, and fantasy costuming no matter the budget.

Perhaps Dawn’s greatest memory to date was costume designing Glen Campell’s performance at the 2013 Grammys when the artist received a Lifetime Achievement and his subsequent farewell tour.

“Working with Glen [Campbell] and his family during his final chapter as a performer changed my life. I am forever grateful for those moments and everything that I learned from him. He is a legend and one of the most genuine and authentic people, I feel so blessed to know.”

Her foray into indie film has been equally impactful.

When recently discussing the look for his current film Officer Downe Actor Kim Coats (Sons of Anarchy) said, “It looks like a fifty million dollar movie and trust me, we had nowhere near that kind of money. They realized that had to get this woman Dawn Ritz, she’s the real deal, she had worked with Clown before on many things.”

As for her work-ethic, Dawn is an anomaly, and a stand out, even among ambitious Hollywood types. If she’s not traversing LA’s vast freeway system, back and forth to studios and fittings she is perusing endless bolts of different colored fabric in LA’s downtown garment district preparing her next custom build.

“I don’t just work on every project. I make sure that I can entirely devote myself to each project and work as if my life depends on it. It’s my baby.”